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Digital lock project

The Waferlock digital lock  system resolve access control projects.

Digital lock : easy installation.

Waferlock digital lock can be easily installed on any door, without changing its structure or the handle of the same and with no wiring required. WaferLock digital lock are the ideal replacement to the classic mechanical door lock. Adaptability and easy installation make it a very simple, and highly secure.

This time digital lock are  installed in an private office.


The configuration of the digital lock and RF cards to allow the opening is made from the CPMS software and programmer connected to the PC.

To collect the events in the digital lock, we will perform this operation by the portable programmer and data transfer you Pc. To download data from the digital lock to the  software, we use  the portable programmer connecting to the lock.  The access permissions are stored in digital lock.

Office software features:

Up to 10,240 users and 5,120 cylinders per cylinder.
Each cylinder stores 1,024 events.
Up to 9 different time zones configured per project.
Easy configuration management of the digital lock.
Database backup all cylinders.
Backup generation.
Configuring support for user account permission.
Friendly interface