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Digital lockers installation at school ESIC.

The digital lockers installed in the school ESIC  in Valencia represent a substantial improvement Control de acceso a taquillas in the services offered by the center. Users have Mifare RF card to open and close  their digital lockers  instead of the traditional mechanical key. The use of a centralized  software  allows  easy  management of the system.

The replacement of physical keys on the digital Mifare proximity key reports numerous  advantages in the management and maintenance of the installation of  digital lockers.
Mifare RF cards used by the user for opening and closing the digital lockers are encrypted for  added security. They have expiration and activation  dates and are issued directly from the   management  software  via a  programmer conected to the Pc.

Another advantage of this system is that the locker events are stored in its internal memory, and it can be transferred to PC via a download card data from the locker lock  management software.

The  digital lockers management software offer user profiles, auditing of performed  actions,  recording,  reading and deleting cards utility, reporting and  discharge   events  in  software database.

Located in the university campus in Valencia, ESIC dedicates its more than 9,000 square meters to the teaching university courses and postgraduate Master programs.